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Evangelicals Support Immigration Reform

Public Domain, "Parable of the Good Samaritan", Jan Wijnants, 1670
IT WAS ABOUT TIME! The National Association of Evangelicals (NEA) has finally made a public declaration in support of comprehensive immigration reform in the United States. I do not know what took them so long to make up their mind, but it’s better late than never.
During the George Bush era thousands of immigrant families were separated. Children that were born as United States citizens were separated from their parents who were undocumented. They were mercilessly torn apart to enforced broken immigration laws. Equally painful was the stance taken by many so-called “Christians” which supported these inhumane acts. As Christians they forgot the mandates established by Jesus Christ himself that we must show love to our neighbors. Jesus Christ himself was an immigrant in the land of Egypt when his parents had to leave Jerusalem. The fact is that racist Christians do exists in the form of Glenn Beck, Lou …


Myth#1: The Bible is corrupt or has been changed by the hands of man.

The existence of the Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the Bible has not been changed, and the modern Bible, including the New Testament is more accurate than any other holy book.

Myth#2: Constantine and the Council of Nicea changed the Bible.


Being that he was Emperor at the time Constantine could have very easily written the Bible to pay homage to himself. But no evidence exists that the Bible is partial to Constantine, his Emperorship or his Bishops. The Bible is impartial to heads of state or governments.

Public Domain, "Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery", Róma Nicolas Poussin, 1653
Myth#3: The Bible tolerates immoral behavior because the U.S. allows sexual exploitation, use of drugs, and homosexuality.

The Bible teaches that every individual is responsible for his lifestyle. The U.S. is NOT a theocracy, and the Church cannot dictate o r control social norms. Jesus did not go con…

The New Testament (Injeel) in Arabic

I recently got my free New Testament copy in Arabic from the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry. I am still waiting for the other book I ordered from the Sharif Foundation to be sent. I am very excited to have gotten this New Testament because I will give it to a Muslim co-worker. My Muslim co-worker sometimes rides with me after work. I know that once a person has been indoctrinated since birth, it is very hard to accept any other belief system. But the Bible says that with God all things are possible. This bible is translated from the King James Version. Showcasing a green cover, the text reads from right to left and it includes an English translation.

Incidentally, the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry only asks that a person donate five dollars to help with the shipping costs, but there is no obligation to donate any money to them. However, I think that I will give a donation to cover the costs for at least five New Testaments. There is a great thirst for the Word of God through Je…

What is a Non-Denominational Christian?

I am a non-denominational Christian. It took me so many years of spiritual struggle to realize that is who I am. I was born into a Roman Catholic family, going to Sunday school, lighting candles and praying to the Saints in church. I however never had the honor of doing my first communion, or confessing my sins to the father. At the start of my formative years, I was whisked away from South of the Border to the City by the Lake. It was here in the good Old U.S. of A where I was exposed to a pluralism of religions. And for a boy such as myself, that is when my tumultuous times began. Would I remain a Catholic, or become Baptist? Would I be Protestant? Evangelical? Or would I join the Jehovah's Witnesses? In the end I could not agree with many of their contradictory teachings. Also, how could any Christian believe that his or her denomination is better than the other? Why to me it sounded almost blasphemous. Beyond arrogance.
What was I to do? I was always searching for t…

The Power of God

In one of my earlier posts I blogged how how God had healed my mom of cancer. Within this tumultuous time I read the Bible, looking for an answer because I knew in my spirit that the Bible was the only place were I could find the answer to tap into the power of God. Soon enough I came to this realization---a person that believes in God through Jesus Christ, has the power of the entire universe at the tip of their fingers! Imagine that if you can. The same power that made the heavens and the earth. The same power to build and destroy. The same power that moves every quark within the tiniest of elements to the largest of objects. It is this same power that can heal and create life. The same power of resurrection. This is incredible power no one can phantom! And to think that all Christians have access to this power is even more unbelievable!! What a gift! And to use it, all we have to do is believe and ask. When I had realized this 'lo and behold, a miracle had occurred.

I s…

Cure of Cancer is Christ

Public Domain, "Christ Healing the Mother of Simon Peter", John Bridges, 1854
Metastatic cancer cell

True Story

Cancer is the scourge of this present generation. I know several people at work who have had cancer or who have died from this terrible disease. My own mother was first diagnosed with cancer about 4 years ago. She was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma. The doctors first thought it was a fat tumor. After her first surgery it came back in a matter of weeks. She had already endured a major surgery and had to go for a second one.

It was the darkest part in my life as well as the brightest. After her second surgery we thought that it was gone since none of her other body parts were tainted. But a few months later another MRI revealed that her cancer had spread to her lungs. The doctors had called me and the news was so devastating. And as her son, I had to be the bearer of bad news. How do you tell your mother that she is dying? Where can a person get that kin…

The Virtues of a Righteous Woman

A charming, beautiful woman is not godly, only she who fears the Lord is.

The Bible, and when I refer it to it, I only mean the Old and New Testament, provides a guide for a righteous woman to be identified. In this time and age nothing is more important. Civilizations rise and fall with the work of women. I believe that the greatest of all creations is not the stars, nor the earth, or the sea, nor animals. God's greatest creation is the woman. She was created last by God because He wanted it to be right.

Yet, when the Snake came along in the Garden, the woman was the first to be tempted and fall. When she was tempted she brought her husband Adam down with her. In today's era most women that fall under temptation are those recruited by oppressive cults. They enslave her mind as well as her will. Adolf Hitler began his work to dominate Germany by first getting to the women. Once he had them, the husbands soon followed...and we all know how history turned out.

So what t…

Stop Condeming People

The church, generally speaking, condemns people. As a matter of fact it seems that 90% of the time that is what it does. Instead of condemning people, the church should spread more love and less hate. It seems that you can't turn on TV and not hear one televangelist condemning someone (except of course Joe Olsteen, I have yet to hear him condemn someone). They condemn people for their addiction to alcohol or drugs. For the choices one makes, for how people want to think as individuals. The church condemns people for their clothing. People get condemn for whether they go to church or they do not go to church. People get condemn for their lifestyles.Churches are publicly humiliating people. We sound as if people owe us something. And the only thing we should owe each other is the love of Jesus Christ for one another.
But all these pastors that spend 90% percent of their time in the pulpit condemning someone they forget one teaching of Jesus Christ,"don't judge, less you be…

Evil of Tyrants and Dictators

Public Domain, Napolean Abdicated at Fontainbleau, Paul Delaroche, 1845

While driving to work today, I heard in the radio of how Napoleon's arrogance took the best of him. It is a known fact that in spite of his diminutive stature, Napoleon became a dictator that conquered many lands. At the Battle of Waterloo, something unexpected happened. Napoleon's might had increased to such an extent that he believed he was all powerful. Napoleon believed that winning Waterloo was not going to be any different.

Speaking to one of his officers Napoleon said "We will put the infantry here, the cavalry over there, and the artillery in that spot. At the end of the day, England will be at the feet of France, and Wellington will be the prisoner of Napoleon."

The officer responded, "But, we must not forget that man proposes and God disposes."

Napoleon responded angrily, "I want you to understand, sir, that Napoleon proposes and Napoleon disposes!"

That day, Napoleon lo…

God's Love Never Quits


This Friday morning, while driving to work, I saw on a Lutheran Church sign: Looking for Love? It was a poignant message. The truth is that every human being is always looking for love. Many in their quest to find love find it in the wrong places. But the Bible carries a simple core message, true love is found in God. We don't have to look anywhere else. God loves us with the kind of love we will never be able to phantom. Furthermore, unlike human love, God's love for us is everlasting. God's love never quits. Even those that get married, they take a pledge to love each other forever, but statistics show that 50% of the time, it fails.

God's love never quits because He truly loves us. That is how you know what true love really is. Imagine, we are very ungrateful. God gives us life, sustenance, health and yet we easily forget what he has done. We are always ready to quit.

Years ago, I used to feel that way. I quit on…

A Valentine's Day Message

God is love. No one has greater love than the love God has for us. As Christians, or would be converts to Christianity, we have to always remember this. Love in Christianity is like the air we need to breathe to stay alive. There are many erroneous teachings regarding God's love. Many of these teachings insist that God's love for us has preconditions. We are taught that we must always do something special for God to love us. Many teach that if we do not do the things that please Him, He will not love us. I don't believe this to be true. I believe that God loves us no matter what we do. A true loving parent, loves his or her children no matter what. At least that is how I feel towards my baby. When I see my baby, I can never imagine not ever loving her. So if our love for our children is unconditional, how much more the love of God towards us?

The Bible says that in the Last Days, love will wax cold. This means that society will become callous. I would like to s…

Christian Charity

There is no substitute for Christian care. Christians, care for all the people of the entire world. (Never mind the right-wing fundamentalists. Even though it may be hard to believe they care for you too.) Critics will say, if this is true why have millions of people suffered through wars and foreign policies enforced by Christian nations, such the U.S? And there is a simple answer. Just because people may call themselves Christians by name, they are not Christians by faith. I call them cultural Christians, who like the rest of the world may only care for themselves. But overall, the overwhelming majority of Christian churches have done so much good for the welfare of all mankind. Christians extend a helping hand to all peoples, even if they are not Christian.
Once, when our family was poor and hungry, because of an apartment fire, we were sent by our state welfare agency to ask for assistance through a Jewish community organization. When they saw me with my mother, and they real…

Jesus Christ and Che Guevara

Public Domain, Che Guevara
There is no denying that many special interest groups are spreading false perceptions of Christianity. One that is very notable is done by the socialists/communists. One of the biggest idols of socialism is Che Guevara. He is idolized by many people frustrated with how capitalism exploits the poor. If you ever go to a protest you will see Che's mug on t-shirts or banners. One would think it was as if we were viewing a photograph of Jesus Christ. But it is not. And that is what the socialists want the public to believe in an attempt to win converts for their revolutionary cause. They often say, Jesus Christ was a revolutionary, just like Che! This of course is totally false. Jesus Christ and Che Guevara are complete opposites. Jesus did cause a revolution, but it was a spiritual revolution. Jesus Christ's mission was never meant to be political.

Che, who was a doctor, was so incense about fighting for the rights of the poor that he felt killi…

Why I am a Christian

When I first heard that Christian persecution existed even in the land of Israel I was shocked! I was shocked because I was under the impression Israel was somewhat similar to the United States in terms of tolerance for every religion. I expected Christian persecution in other countries such as North Korea, or Iran. But Israel?? Thousands of Christians do not realize that in Israel the Gospel of Christ cannot be openly preached. Any Christian that does it will be prosecuted and religious fanatics will try to kill him/her. Israel would not exist if it were not for the U.S. They get pumped billions of our tax dollars every year, and for what? So that in turn Christians are discriminated upon by the Israeli government and some of their people? As a Christian my tax dollars are going to a land that is intolerant of my faith. Everything about this notion is wrong.

In getting more educated about it I also found out that Judaism is a very legalistic religion. Apparently the Ten Comma…

Forgiveness in Christ

The day I realize about God and the true purpose of his Word, I felt an overwhelming joy. I felt as if my spiritual eyes had been opened. And although prior to this I felt condemn and the lowest of the low, after this spiritual revelation, I no longer felt that way. The Bible describes this feeling regarding believers. It says that it is like scales coming off a person's eyes. Above all I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom. The yoke and shackles which were holding me down had come off. A little over six years have passed. I am amazed at the wonder of God and his mercy.

I know I am not worthy but yet He is always showering me with blessings. Most non-Christians will assume that my blessings come from diligently observing all Christian mandates of worship. However for me, it has never been the case. Almost always, I don't go to church (although I know I should), I don't fast (because Jesus often spoke about a spiritual fast being more important), I don't tith…