The New Testament (Injeel) in Arabic

I recently got my free New Testament copy in Arabic from the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry. I am still waiting for the other book I ordered from the Sharif Foundation to be sent. I am very excited to have gotten this New Testament because I will give it to a Muslim co-worker. My Muslim co-worker sometimes rides with me after work. I know that once a person has been indoctrinated since birth, it is very hard to accept any other belief system. But the Bible says that with God all things are possible. This bible is translated from the King James Version. Showcasing a green cover, the text reads from right to left and it includes an English translation.

Incidentally, the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry only asks that a person donate five dollars to help with the shipping costs, but there is no obligation to donate any money to them. However, I think that I will give a donation to cover the costs for at least five New Testaments. There is a great thirst for the Word of God through Jesus Christ in the Arab world. What a great way for us to get involved in this great cause!

Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry


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