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Constantine Did Not Change the Bible

Contrary to popular belief by naysayers of the Bible, Constantine did not change the Bible.  As a matter of fact the message has been the same, and has remained unchanged since it was originally inspired.  Many other faiths such as Islam are working on assumptions that it was changed not only by the Roman emperor but by everyone else.  Here is why I do not believe the Bible is changed as many unbelievers claim that is is. If the Bible had been changed by the emperor's bishops,  the Bible would be full of praise for the emperor. No secular leader can resist the temptation to toot his own horn.  In our modern times we see this all the time--politicians shameless self-promoting. And as having absolute power, Cesar would have easily commanded the clergy to add all of his praises and even go so far as to have the Bible declare that he was a god.  But when you read the Bible, there is no text that magnifies Cesar or his government.  Instead Jesus categorically separates the two.  Jesus…