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"Merry Christmas" Even If It Offends You!

The Internet is abuzz considering that recent reports state that many people across the world are offended by the words, "Merry Christmas".  One of the latest incidents involves a South Asian despot. The sultan of Brunai has banned any public displays of the holiday because he states that "it could damage the faith of Muslims."
What a coward.  Big Old Hassanl Bolkiah is scared of a little baby Jesus. No one is allowed to show their Christmas spirit in that godforsaken country of his.  This does not show his superiority.  It shows great weakness for any faith or person to ban anything that has to do with Christianity.  It shows that they are utterly insecure.  Hey buddy, you don't have to worry.  Why would I be any other faith other than Christian?  To be controlled? To be ruled over by legalism, the threat of death, or capital punishment?   Please.
What this weakling does not realize is that if little baby Jesus scares him, wait until the adult Jesus returns t…

Open Letter to Professor Larycia Hawkins

Dear Professor Larycia Hawkins,

Recently your conviction to believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God has caused a firestorm throughout the country.  Wheaton College had to suspend you because your beliefs do not match theirs.  And to be sure, the college did not suspend you for wearing a hijab.
I am writing to tell you and the world that your views about Christians and Muslims believing in the same God are not Biblical.  They are not Christian whatsoever.  I will also make it clear that no, Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God.  People who believe that we do worship the same God either don't know the real Christ, or they have a hidden agenda.
I have studied Islam and I have read the Koran.  I have also read the history of Muhammad and how he spread Islam.  When gathering all the literature and assessing the words and actions of Muhammad and their Allah one can deduce that Jesus Christ, the Father, and Allah of Islam are not the same God.
It is blasphe…

Why Discrimination of Muslims Will Increase

The latest news going around the country is how Muslim discrimination is on the rise.  With the latest attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California it is being reported that Muslims are being the target of hate.  It is very unfortunate that this is happening. No one should be marginalized for the few that cause crimes.  The media is quick to point out that something must be done about it.

Sadly, hate towards Muslims will continue to increase because it is very unlikely that Islamic terrorist cells will stop killing innocent people.  The more attacks created by Muslim terrorists the country will resent them even more.  What should be done?  The Nation should address the problem.  Muslims themselves must get involved and stop people they know who are determine to cause us harm.

The country should acknowledge that Islam will always provide a steady supply of extremists to their cause.  Why?  Because it is ingrained in their teachings.  Unlike Judaism and Christianity, Muslims are comm…