"Merry Christmas" Even If It Offends You!

The Internet is abuzz considering that recent reports state that many people across the world are offended by the words, "Merry Christmas".  One of the latest incidents involves a South Asian despot. The sultan of Brunai has banned any public displays of the holiday because he states that "it could damage the faith of Muslims."

What a coward.  Big Old Hassanl Bolkiah is scared of a little baby Jesus. No one is allowed to show their Christmas spirit in that godforsaken country of his.  This does not show his superiority.  It shows great weakness for any faith or person to ban anything that has to do with Christianity.  It shows that they are utterly insecure.  Hey buddy, you don't have to worry.  Why would I be any other faith other than Christian?  To be controlled? To be ruled over by legalism, the threat of death, or capital punishment?   Please.

What this weakling does not realize is that if little baby Jesus scares him, wait until the adult Jesus returns to the earth.  He will bow down to Jesus Christ, but it will be too late.  To receive grace and mercy the time is now.  When Jesus returns He will come back as a judge, juror and executioner for those that deny Him.  No one that denies Jesus Christ will receive any mercy then. He should be afraid.

In other news a restaurant chain in the US is going against the politically correct madness that has infected this country.  This is one voice of many that are standing up against this insane movement of political correctness.  Everyone come out and say Merry Christmas because we are celebrating the birth of the savior of the world--even if you find it offensive.


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