Why Discrimination of Muslims Will Increase

The latest news going around the country is how Muslim discrimination is on the rise.  With the latest attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California it is being reported that Muslims are being the target of hate.  It is very unfortunate that this is happening. No one should be marginalized for the few that cause crimes.  The media is quick to point out that something must be done about it.

Sadly, hate towards Muslims will continue to increase because it is very unlikely that Islamic terrorist cells will stop killing innocent people.  The more attacks created by Muslim terrorists the country will resent them even more.  What should be done?  The Nation should address the problem.  Muslims themselves must get involved and stop people they know who are determine to cause us harm.

The country should acknowledge that Islam will always provide a steady supply of extremists to their cause.  Why?  Because it is ingrained in their teachings.  Unlike Judaism and Christianity, Muslims are commanded to wage war against the infidels. Many years ago, a moderate Muslims was laughing at how people in America believed that most Muslims were moderate.  He emphatically stated that even the most "moderate" Muslim had the potential to join groups like the Taliban or ISIS.  This is a very scary preposition.

Why so much hate?  Although it is a very good idea for the USA to get out of Muslim dominated lands, this will not stop radical Muslims to wage war on our country. The only person that can drive this hate away is Jesus Christ.  Christ is the true prince of peace.  He changes the heart of the most evil person.  Jesus Christ is the world's only hope.


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