Open Letter to Professor Larycia Hawkins

Dear Professor Larycia Hawkins,

Recently your conviction to believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God has caused a firestorm throughout the country.  Wheaton College had to suspend you because your beliefs do not match theirs.  And to be sure, the college did not suspend you for wearing a hijab.

I am writing to tell you and the world that your views about Christians and Muslims believing in the same God are not Biblical.  They are not Christian whatsoever.  I will also make it clear that no, Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God.  People who believe that we do worship the same God either don't know the real Christ, or they have a hidden agenda.

I have studied Islam and I have read the Koran.  I have also read the history of Muhammad and how he spread Islam.  When gathering all the literature and assessing the words and actions of Muhammad and their Allah one can deduce that Jesus Christ, the Father, and Allah of Islam are not the same God.

It is blasphemous to spew this kind of comparison. Even the tone and character of the Koranic Allah does not match the God of the Bible, including how the Judaeo-Christian God is described in the Old Testament.  The god of Muhammad does not sound anything remotely like the God of the Christians and Jews.  He also does not teach the same thing.  The god of Islam completely veers off the mercy and grace we have come to know about our Christian God.

Wheaton College had to choice but to keep its ground.  If the college does not stand its ground it will deny the very essence of Christ and why the college even exists.  Unfortunately, the thousands of people that have been lead to believe what you believe are also denying Christ. 

Christians must acknowledge that there is no other God like our God and that his love and mercy can be extended to all, including Muslims.  But we cannot say or believe that our gods are the same. There are many voices on the Internet who are being deceived to believe nothing but heresies.  This forum exists to counter those mislead voices.

P.S. On the other hand, you do sound and look like a very good Muslim.


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