Myth#1: The Bible is corrupt or has been changed by the hands of man.


The existence of the Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the Bible has not been changed, and the modern Bible, including the New Testament is more accurate than any other holy book.

Myth#2: Constantine and the Council of Nicea changed the Bible.


Being that he was Emperor at the time Constantine could have very easily written the Bible to pay homage to himself. But no evidence exists that the
Bible is partial to Constantine, his Emperorship or his Bishops. The Bible is impartial to heads of state or governments.

Public Domain, "Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery", Róma Nicolas Poussin, 1653

Myth#3: The Bible tolerates immoral behavior because the U.S. allows sexual exploitation, use of drugs, and homosexuality.


The Bible teaches that every individual is responsible for his lifestyle. The U.S. is NOT a theocracy, and the Church cannot dictate o
r control social norms. Jesus did not go condemning sinners. He forgave them in the hopes that his grace would encourage them to reform themselves through love and not corporal punishment.

Public Domain, "Uncle Sam", U.S. Department of Defense

Myth#4: Christians promote death and violence throughout the world. Prime example is President George W. Bush who was a Christian and started the Iraq War.


Western governments like the U.S. are political, not religious. The church and government are separate. The church cannot dictate to the government how to govern, and the government does not control the Church how to worship. George Bush is an oil tycoon, alcoholic, turned politician who used Christianity to fool people and profit from it.

Myth#5: Christians are not persecuted for their faith anymore.


Christians in the tens of thousands across the world are being tortured, imprisoned, and killed for trying to practice their faith. Among some countries were Christians have no freedom whatsoever to preach or practice their faith are North Korea, Indonesia, China, Arabia, Israel, Cuba and Iran, just to name a few countries. The figures of the red map above are shocking to say the least.


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