Forgiveness in Christ

The day I realize about God and the true purpose of his Word, I felt an overwhelming joy. I felt as if my spiritual eyes had been opened. And although prior to this I felt condemn and the lowest of the low, after this spiritual revelation, I no longer felt that way. The Bible describes this feeling regarding believers. It says that it is like scales coming off a person's eyes. Above all I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom. The yoke and shackles which were holding me down had come off. A little over six years have passed. I am amazed at the wonder of God and his mercy.

I know I am not worthy but yet He is always showering me with blessings. Most non-Christians will assume that my blessings come from diligently observing all Christian mandates of worship. However for me, it has never been the case. Almost always, I don't go to church (although I know I should), I don't fast (because Jesus often spoke about a spiritual fast being more important), I don't tithe (directly to a church as I have previously explained), I have never been baptised as an adult, and I most definitely have never participated in communion and sacraments. I am not a perfect person and I often fall by the way side, because I am still very much human. But if we listen to traditional church teachings regarding these mere deficiencies I should not be living the life I am living. It sounds like I am a walking contradiction. But it is all true. I am a very happy man. I have a beautiful family which consists of a beautiful wife and a beautiful baby. I have a house, roof and food---which God has provided. Maybe it is so because I am content with what I have. Maybe it is so because I am not trying to please anyone? Sometimes I do become frightened, because I ask myself, how can God still give me all this, in spite of the fact that I am an imperfect follower? What am I doing right or wrong, and yet He still protects my every path? The answer can only be Jesus Christ.

Over the years God has pulled me off some real hard spots that were life threatening. Yet he has always rescued me. No matter what I do from now on, I will never be able to repay him. I share this not to boast about it, but rather to boast about God's unyielding love. The best I can do is continue to have Him in my heart, always be grateful for his grace and mercy.


Scott McQueen said…
Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for your Blog. I found you from one of the discussions on BlogCatalog. God Bless you and Take Care!

JFS said…
Thanks for your comment. God bless you too.
Anonymous said…
I was searching for some Christian blogs and found you. You write well..its a treat to read yours. I think ill keep tag on your blog. Hope you would not mind.
JFS said…
Rajesh, thank you very much for your comment. It means a lot to me. If you keep tags, I'd
be honored. God bless you.

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