A Valentine's Day Message

God is love. No one has greater love than the love God has for us. As Christians, or would be converts to Christianity, we have to always remember this. Love in Christianity is like the air we need to breathe to stay alive. There are many erroneous teachings regarding God's love. Many of these teachings insist that God's love for us has preconditions. We are taught that we must always do something special for God to love us. Many teach that if we do not do the things that please Him, He will not love us. I don't believe this to be true. I believe that God loves us no matter what we do. A true loving parent, loves his or her children no matter what. At least that is how I feel towards my baby. When I see my baby, I can never imagine not ever loving her. So if our love for our children is unconditional, how much more the love of God towards us?

The Bible says that in the Last Days, love will wax cold. This means that society will become callous. I would like to say that society is passed this. I say society has become ruthless. Why do I say this? Because throughout the world people are killing each other in the name of God. God is not pleased by this turn of events. The only being that finds joy in these massacres is Satan. Satan has an interest to see us massacre each other for beliefs that we erroneously think God has taught us. If we kill each other, our quest to be forgiven and be saved by God through the name of Jesus Christ automatically ends. It completely comes to an end. The less time we have to live, the better for Satan and his handiwork. Satan's goal is to bring down as many people as he can with him into the pits of hell.

And for us, the apex of God's love is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ sacrificed himself so that we would be forgiven, as unworthy as we are. Jesus willingly layed down his life, so that we may live, thousands of years before any of us had to do anything special to attain God's love and mercy. Jesus was not crucified after our actions. He did it before! When I think about this it overwhelms me and I get a feeling which is beyond humility I cannot find the words to describe it. My eyes swell up with tears. It took me so long to realize this. I pray to God that everyone, whether they are Christian or not, realizes this before it is too late. Have a happy Valentine's Day in the Jesus' name.


Shea said…
off subject, but curious to your opinion, Juaquin Phoenix was on David Letterman last night, saw it on net, Do you think it's an act for the movie his brother in law is making about him? or do you think he's on some kind of drugs? Just wondering, he's one of my favorite actors.
JFS said…
?? I don't know too much about what he is trying to do. Who is his brother in law?
Shea said…
I came back, and read the whole post. Great post. I agree completely. I hope lots of people come and read this post.
and was just wondering earlier your opinion? I don't know.

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