Cure of Cancer is Christ

Public Domain, "Christ Healing the Mother of Simon Peter", John Bridges, 1854

Metastatic cancer cell

True Story

Cancer is the scourge of this present generation. I know several people at work who have had cancer or who have died from this terrible disease. My own mother was first diagnosed with cancer about 4 years ago. She was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma. The doctors first thought it was a fat tumor. After her first surgery it came back in a matter of weeks. She had already endured a major surgery and had to go for a second one.

It was the darkest part in my life as well as the brightest. After her second surgery we thought that it was gone since none of her other body parts were tainted. But a few months later another MRI revealed that her cancer had spread to her lungs. The doctors had called me and the news was so devastating. And as her son, I had to be the bearer of bad news. How do you tell your mother that she is dying? Where can a person get that kind of courage? The entire ordeal tore me apart. The only remedy we got from the doctors was to continue to cut the cancer out of her body. I took my mom to several cancer experts here in the Midwest--they all gave us grim news. Any treatment had less than 20% of working and less to kill it altogether.

"You have to believe."

At this moment I turned to Scripture and what the Bible said about healing. If Jesus had the power to heal, I knew that he could also heal my mother. I am a firm believer that God, in his infinite wisdom, also left for us in this earth the cure for every disease known to man. If God was so loving in giving us water, the sun, and crops to sustain us, He would have also given us the cure for all of our diseases. It makes perfect sense to me. I reached out literally across the globe for perfect strangers to pray for my mother. And I went to several churches whom I was not even a member making an appeal for them to pray for her and of course our family members also prayed. With much prayer, change in nutrition and her hospital treatment, God did heal my mother completely from this disease. Even the doctor's could not believe that the tumors in her lungs had died! As a matter of fact, she did not even complete her entire treatment that is how great a miracle God worked in her.

In the Bible I believe that King Hezekiah was also dying of cancer, but God cured him. After much repentance God ordered a treatment for this king. In Second Kings 20: 7 the Bible says "And Isaiah said "'take a lump of figs . And they took and laid it on the boil and he recovered.'"

In this family trial God had shown me His great redemptive power. For us human beings cancer is very hard to cure, but to God it is nothing! What is impossible for us is possible for God. It is an easy thing. Other family members that were stricken by other terminal diseases like tuberculosis have also been cured by God's handiwork (I'll save the details of this story for another future post). I know God and Jesus Christ do exist. This is not only my testimony. But it is the testimony I share with the rest of our family and I hope and pray that if any of your relatives are going through the same ordeal to be encouraged and trust in God thought Jesus Christ. God bless you.


God's Princess said…
What a wonderful testimony! Glory be to our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ! My father has been healed as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments :-)

Bless... Melina.
God really shows his power especially to those who believe in his Power!

praise God for what He has done to your mom!

He(God) mightily deserves all the praises and honor.

Thanks for Sharing this!
bp said…
Christ can heal all wounds - why not Cancer too? Praise Jesus!

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