God's Love Never Quits


This Friday morning, while driving to work, I saw on a Lutheran Church sign: Looking for Love? It was a poignant message. The truth is that every human being is always looking for love. Many in their quest to find love find it in the wrong places. But the Bible carries a simple core message, true love is found in God. We don't have to look anywhere else. God loves us with the kind of love we will never be able to phantom. Furthermore, unlike human love, God's love for us is everlasting. God's love never quits. Even those that get married, they take a pledge to love each other forever, but statistics show that 50% of the time, it fails.

God's love never quits because He truly loves us. That is how you know what true love really is. Imagine, we are very ungrateful. God gives us life, sustenance, health and yet we easily forget what he has done. We are always ready to quit.

Years ago, I used to feel that way. I quit on God countless times. But after my epiphany and after years of trials, how could I ever do that? Once an online contact told me that if my mom had died of cancer that I would have been cursing God----had he not cured her. This question gave me the chance to ponder. Is it right to claim you have love for someone only when things are going as you want them to go? Do we love someone because they do special things for us, always fulfilling our wishes? That is not true love. It is fake love. And our actions become clearly evident.

Only through countless trials and God's grace have I reached the level of spiritual maturity to respond that I will not stop loving God even through hardships.

What I will pray for is for him to give me the strength and will to survive any storm that may come my way. If you ever have a friend or family member that is going through a tough time, if you really love him or her don't give up! These are the times when people need moral support, if you can't give anything else--at least give them this much. And truly that is the least we could do if we really love God.


Shea said…
I hope you have a great week end
Anonymous said…
Very true JFS. WE continue to love against all odds, because God chose to love us even when we hated Him and were enemies.
BTW I teach biostatistics in India.
b*sherrie said…
I love the picture of the heart with the words: Love Never Fails. That's actually my avatar for my gmail account. :) It's so true, too. God's love and grace covers a multitude of sins. So grateful for that!

p.s. I have a link to the mourning dove at the bottom of the post. :) Thanks for reading.
FishHawk said…
Voices of Salvation has been included in this weeks Sites To See on AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


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