Congress Goes Sexting Crazy!

What Happened to Forgiveness??
United States Congress, Public Domain

This week two major scandals brokeout. One involved House Rep. Anthony Weiner, who sent lewd photographs of himself to others through Twitter; and Tracy Morgan, the comedian, who made a 'homophobic' statement. What these two celebrities did is bad. They both demonstrated a lack of common sense and tact. But what is worst is the reaction of the nation. Hate is spreading like wildfire in the United States. It seems as if the whole nation is demanding for Weiner to resign, and to be criminally prosecute. Gay rights activitits are demanding that Tracy Morgan be fired from his job, in a country founded by the premise of "freedom of speech". They have both apologized profusely. They both have admited they made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. Everybody lies! The people that want these men to be burned at the stake are far from perfect. What is happening to our nation? Love and forgiveness is being replaced by hate and resentment. Jesus did not teach us to live this way. Because of the lack of love people are not willing to forgive. Violence is escalating in an alarming rate. But we must forgive if we expect God to forgive us. Alexander Pope said, "To err is human; to forgive is divine." Only the true people of God have love and forgiveness in their heart. Everyone else is being manipulated by wickedness.

The things of God people are not willing to stand up for anymore. So called artists depict Jesus Christ in the most disrespectful of ways---Christians forgive these depictions. They don't have blood in their eyes. Christians do not go around killing people for the misrepresenation of Jesus Christ or their faith--but touch any other segment of society and all @#!*% breaks loose. Stop! Stop the insanity. The devil is taking over the world. You are being possessed by the devil when you don't forgive and forget and want to kill and dismembered your brother or sister for paltry issues. You too are going to need forgiveness one day!


Mimeograph said…
It really sucks for Weiner.
Anonymous said…
This is between him and God, his family and his constituants.Many people use this as an opportunity to gossip. I say to them clean up your backyard before you revel in the sin of others.

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