Newton Killer Found

Sandy Hook Memorial, Voice of America, Public Domain

Last week on Friday December 14, 2012--two weeks before Christmas, madman Adam Lanza opened fire and kill 20 angels in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.  Only one man is responsible for the deaths of all these innocent babies and that is Adam Lanza.  No one else!  Nonetheless, as a community of believers, we  are ALL wholly or partly responsible because we have become a complacent society.

We don't want to be bothered with other people's problems and affairs.  We want these problems to take care of themselves.  Well, this horrible incident proves that they do no take care of themselves.  We as Christians should be at the forefront of preventing these violent episodes from occurring.  Many people of faith, especially Christian pastors went on the air to say that as a nation, all we need is prayer.  I totally disagree.  We need prayer and action!  If the government will take God out of the schools, it is up to us to bring it to the streets.  We received a great commission to spread the Gospel all over the world, and we are NOT doing it!  What is wrong with us???  We are going to be held accountable for our inactions to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is only through the love of Christ that people completely change and transform their lives to better civil citizens.  If people do not have the love of Christ in their hearts, hate overtakes them, and no sense of consequences is instilled in them. All Christians need to mobilized across the United States and whether it makes us or people uncomfortable, we have to speak up, our Lord does not want it any other way.


Isabel Vasquez said…
Amen I agree with you 100%. God bless you and thanks for preaching the truth. Have a blessed day.
Hassan said…
Thank you Isabel.
Hassan said…
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