Why I believe in Christ

Public Domain, "The Transfiguration", by Lodovico Carracci, 1594

I won't be able to explain everything about why I believe in Christ. For starters, I am a complete and pragmatic person. These characteristics have a lot to do with my faith. It took me well over 15 years to realize that Jesus is--- The Man! It all began when I was a teenager all the way into my 30's. The road was hard and very painful. But it was the only way for me to realize the truth. These years laid my foundation of faith. If anyone attacks me now, figuratively speaking of course, I deflect their missiles with a brush of my hand. The Bible calls the ability do this the Armor of God. Even at a tender age, I did not believe everything people told me. But since I live in a nation of pluralists, deciding what faith I would believe in was very daunting. And on top of that Christianity is characterized by countless denominations. It made things worse for me, because each denomination made claims that they were the true Church of God. Who do you believe? My answer was: NONE OF THEM.

What made me choose Christ, or who do I believe? THE BIBLE. If I was being taught a certain doctrine or system of belief by a church or specific group and it did not corrolate with the Bible, I pressed the eject button. God gave me a brain, a spirit and heart to discern the truth. If the brain was there, but not the heart or spirit---EJECT! Furthermore the Bible gave me absolute freedom, all these other denominations and eastern faiths felt very controlling, and are spiritual slavemakers, which create slaves for the sole purpose for their institutions to survive.

And to all the HATERS and NAYSAYERS who say the Bible was changed or made corruptible by the hands of man, whether you like it or not, I tell you boldly, it was never changed, it's message is PERFECT, and Jesus Christ, saves us through GRACE! Whether you like it or not. AMEN.


Shea said…
Merry Christmas!!!

Keep believing in JESUS Christ.

GOD Bless~~~
JFS said…
Thanks Hallelujah for your comment and visit. God bless you too.

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