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I consider myself a born-again non-denominational Christian. I created this blog to bring attention to the persecution of Christians across the world. Most Christians who live in Western countries don't know that this is still happening. But it is. As a matter of fact, no Christian is safe. The first time I felt the sting of discrimination for my faith was when I was 14 years old. I however did not know anything about my professed faith compare to what I know now. Yet, that moment of displeasure is nothing compare to what thousands of Christians are suffering today. As recently as a few months ago, I did not know Christian persection was so wide spread. If I, being a Christian thought this way, then thousands, if not millions of others Christians may not be aware of it either.

Those that are currently killing Christians do so because they believe Christians will destroy their traditional way of life. But that is not true. They justfiy their violence because they believe that Christians missionaries are paid spies for western powers. Yeah right!! No western government has the resources to employ thousands upon thousands of people to fuel conspiracies. What triggers the thirst for blood and violence of these Christian persecutors is massive paranoia. Especially with this current economic crisis. The so-called Satanic Bible commands their believers to "live in peace with their neighbors", but if they feel threatened by their neigbors, it commands them to "destroy them and take away their lives first." This quote sounds very similar to teachings coming from other holy books. However, the Bible, specifically the New Testament, totally contradicts the killing of people. Jesus said "love your enemies such as yourselves."

So as Christians we must do what we have to do. We cannot allow our Christian brothers and sisters to be killed by our other misguided brothers and sisters because in spite of their persecutions we need to have love for them. You, as a Christian can do something about it. This holiday season donate to a Christian charity like the Voice of the Martrys. Although we are not affiliated, we urge you to contact them using the links found in this blog. And if that is asking for too much then donate your visits to us, by supporting this blog, the cause will continue through your thoughts and prayers. Amen.


tikno said…
I have read your article about the tragedy that occurred in some places.

Talking or debate about religion is like never ending story. There are happened Christian as victim. There are happened Hindu as victim. There are happened Islam as victim. There are happened Buddhist as victim. There are happened Jewish as victim. And so on.

I can say that was the deeds of some gang who ism is radical or fanatic, lack the knowledge about religion. We should not generalizing this matter to those who innocence.

If you have time, I have a dream to this world :
JFS said…
Tikno. Thanks for your visit. Although my blog is not meant to debate anyone. It is just here. If people want to support it's cause, great. At any rate, it is really meant for a Christian audience and it is not meant for other faiths.

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