Like Sheep to the Slaughter

In my last post I mentioned that most mainstream institutionalized churches are very controlling of their flock. I feel that instead of creating genuine followers of Christ or God, they are creating mindless zombie slaves. I also stated that for the most part, I did not believe in any major denominational church--yet I still consider myself a Christian because I do believe in the Bible and it's message.

So I have received several private inquiries. What exactly did I mean by my statement? Many people did not understand my statement. Some even felt offended by it. Well, with out naming names this is what I meant. There are many mainstream religious institutions that control their flock by forbidding them to eat certain foods, some forbid marriages, others forbid them to get blood transfusions, others expect their followers to bow down to a human leader, some pray several times a day, some pray to idols, some demand strict purification rites, some demand that their followers never miss the Sabbath or go to church on Sundays, some demand that their subjects wear special clothes, or hang talismans in their bodies, or homes. If these mainstream denominations did not place so many obstacles in the way of people, so many more people would believe in Jesus Christ. These issues were the main reason why I took so long in accepting Christianity. It is very discouraging for people who are starting fresh. As a matter of fact, I am steadfast. I was not the problem. The problems were these misguided views. I am no longer discouraged by their beliefs. I let them be, as long as they let me live. Knowing this gave me greater encouragement!

God is interested in the internal. He is not interested in external matters. We as humans are far more interested in our external image. All of these requirements are meaningless to God. The fact is that if you live your life fulfilling these demands, none of them will get you saved. None of them.

And some institutions even practice dangerous dogma. The more outlandish the claim it seems that the more people gravitate to them. Jim Jones and David Koresh made claims that they were prophets of God. Look at what happened to them and their followers. The Hale Bob comet group, believed that a comet was going to rescue them from the destruction of the earth. Countless major religious groups made predictions that have never come true. So I asked myself does God make mistakes? NO. He does not. And unfortunately, some people do not react when a brick falls on their heads. By the time the entire wall falls on top them, it is too late.


Shea said…
but first there shall come a falling a way.......the seasons will become confused,
something like that, the end is near,
where I live two days ago it was 20 and last night it was still in the 60's, had been 70 something,
Ice, to Thunderstorms,
JFS said…
You right. Something is amiss.

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