The Beginning of World War 3

A few years ago I was reading the bible and came across this very startling verse: "A prophecy against Damascus:  See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins."  Isaiah 17:1

When I first read this verse it blew my mind away.  At the time when I read this verse Syria had no problems yet.  How can this come to pass.  Fast forward to the present and how times have changed. We have at least 6 countries fighting in this region.  These countries are Syria, Iran, USA, France, Russia, and Jordan.  England recently reported that they will jump to the fray.  Turkey recently got involved when they shot down the Russian jet.  Even Pope Francis has openly declared that there is a World War 3 taking place.

It is a very frightening scenario.  One wrong move and the USA could be actively firing at Russian, or each other. Or Russia going to war against Turkey.  When this happens I can clearly see the above verse being fulfilled, that Syria will become a heap of ruins.

If this continues World War 3 will engulf the entire planet.  If this continues those that have not repented in Jesus Christ will experience the full hell of the war.  For us Christians our hope is in Jesus Christ.  He promised to come to rescue us and we believe it.  We are not in control of ISIS, terrorist attacks, or what these world powers are doing.  But we are in perfect control of our faith.  We can choose to remain agnostic, atheists, secular, liberal, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist.  Or we can choose and control if we are Christian.  If Isaiah 17:1 is coming to pass before our very eyes--all other prophecies about doomsday will also come to pass.


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