Rise of the Immoral Left

A few days ago, I read a comment on Facebook about someone criticizing the Christian Right.  I replied by saying, Christian Right??  What the heck does that mean?  If there is such as thing as a Christian Right, then there MUST be a thing as an Immoral Left.

America.  America.  The Nation that loves labels and everyone needs to be placed in a little corner. Why can't people just be people? At any rate, Liberals tend to accuse many who are in the church as being too conservative.   I don't think conservatives denounce the label.  They actually like it. 

Again, if such as thing as a Christian Right exist, that those that criticize some of the values expressed by those in the 'right', then there must be an Immoral Left.  

The Immoral Left are people that don't care about public displays of immoral behavior, such as people walking naked in the street. Or those people that believe that a transgender person has a right to use the same washroom of the opposite sex they were NOT born into. 

The Immoral Left are pro-choice, because it is OK to kill the unborn baby. No exception. The Immoral Left are people who are pro-Gay and believe a Gay's rights supersede MY right of conscious.  The Immoral Left are people that want to legalize illegal drugs like marijuana. They believe in having multiple sex partners--without regards to the consequences that those relationships will bring.

The bible calls it sin. Some of them are atheists.  Personally I like to believe that there is a just God at the end of this life that will judge all sinners and evil doers--otherwise Hitler and Stalin will escape their judgement.  And that would not be FAIR!

The Immoral Left believe that there should be no regulation whatsoever in the choices they make.  But sin is like second-hand smoke.  It affects everyone else.  It affects all of society.

So as Christians we can stop the rise of the Immoral Left by speaking out!!  Christians are staying too quite.  Speak up!!!  That is why these deviants are gaining ground.  Christians are failing to speak up. But there is a judge who will judge rightly when the time comes.  Amen.


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