Paris Terrorist Bombings

As of recent history, France has suffered from two major terrorists attacks.  Our hearts go out to the French people.  We hope and pray it stops.  But deep in our hearts we know it will continue.  The acts of a few Islamic terrorists are causing a huge debate across the globe.  Do we accept the Syrian refugees?

One must ask why these refugees are still getting accepted.  The best solution is to have an international coalition set up a safe zone to house all the refugees, but to bring them to America, or other European countries such as France, is not a very good idea.

According to Wikipedia,  a 2011 survey by IFOP, a French public opinion research organization, found that 47 percent of residents of the Paris Region (Île-de-France) identified themselves as Roman Catholic, though just 15 percent said they were practicing Catholics, while 46 percent were non-practicing. In the same survey, 7 percent of residents identified themselves as Muslims, 4 percent as Protestants, two percent as Jewish, and 25 percent as without religion.

Will life in France return to normal?  France is the hub of the art and fashion world.  The French people are unique in every way.  French people must ask themselves these questions, "If these attacks never stop and France turns into another Afghanistan or Iraq, then what?  What further actions will the government take?"

There is a religion of true peace that is not practiced by the French.  That religion of peace is Christianity.  51% of French are consider themselves Christian!  But they don't practice it.  How can 7% of the population dominate the rest?  It is not acceptable.  What the French need to do is start practicing the faith they claim to have.  And then go an evangelize all of the French people, whether native or foreign. France has  a wonderful culture, people and language.  Only Christianity can preserve the way of life French people are happy with.  May God bless them right now during their time of hurting and healing.


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