Donald: Trump or Chump!

Recently Pope Francis, when visiting Mexico said that Donald Trump is not a Christian.  He believes that Donald Trump is not a Christian because he rather build walls than bridges.  Donald is now taking on the Pope.  Which for me it is kinda funny.  There are many of his views I don't agree with. Donald is saying some very offensive things about many people and groups.  But I don't think he means it.  And if he did, America has so many checks and balances that a lot of the things he says he will do, he will not be allowed to get away with if he is elected president.

I think what needs to happen is that people should not be so quick to judge.  But they should pause for a second and think if what he is saying makes sense or not. That is what I did when he recently spoke in a public forum.  One of the things I got from his speech is that he makes a lot of sense, he is not afraid to speak his mind, and the guy is very smart!!

When he talked about building a wall between the border of Mexico and the USA, he said that many people believe that it is not be possible to build a wall because there are too many miles to cover. But then he said that the Great Wall of China is over 5,000 miles wide and it was built at a time when there were no forms of modern technology and machinery to help build it.  It makes perfect sense (although I don't think he should build a wall between neighboring countries).

And with the Pope's latest spat, the Donald, as he is affectionately known to his supporters, said that the Pope would have wished for him to have been president when Muslims armies invade the Vatican.  Which is true.  That is what Muslims believe.  Their prophet made a prophecy that one day the Vatican would be taken over by them.  This fact cannot and should not be denied.  That is what they believe and it is a shame that many people don't want to admit or see how dangerous it can be to support theology they have no knowledge about.  But Donald does know it.  Which I found amazing and no one wants to talk about it.

So is Donald then a chump or like his name implies, will he be the the trump card that this upcoming election needs? Will you be voting for Trump?  Take our survey and if you like this post please feel to subscribe and share.  Thanks.


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