Wrestling with God

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, Public Domain
It has come to me as a great shock today that the IOC announced that wrestling will be taken out of the Olympics in 2020.  How could they do that?  Wrestling has been in existence for thousands of years.  It is probably the first sport ever.  Wrestling is even mentioned in the Bible where it states how at night Jacob was wrestling with an angel of God.  It took him the whole night, and Jacob would not let go of the angel until he received a blessing.  The angel conceded but not without injuring Jacob.  Everything has a price. This year was off to a good start.  January has actually not been very kind to me. At a time when I am closer to God...at a time when I began to think to start a new ministry to go around the world church planting.  The unexpected happened.  I'm a broken man.  And all that has transpired is for a reason.  I have placed my endeavor on hold for the time being.  Hoping that God can help me pick up the pieces. I no longer wish to begin a church planting mission.  My time has been consumed in the now. I am wrestling with my feelings and inner turnmoil.  I thank God I am saved.  I thank God for Jesus Christ and my family.


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