The Illuminati VS Jesus Christ

It is all over the Internet.  Beyonce, Madonna, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Alex Jones, YouTube videos.  There are millions of references to the Illuminati, a devil centered organization, hell bent---no pun intended, on conquering the world, through the economy, government and popular culture.  Or so that is what the conspiracy theorists claim. These conspiracy theorists claim that the music industry, Hollywood, as well as government is control by the super secreative elite whose manifestations can be seen publicly through overt symbolisim, such as the all seeinng eye of god, and diamond, or pyramid like hand gestures.
What should the Christian world do?  Even the Vatican has a glass pyramid structure in the heart of its square---a building erected not too long ago.  My conclussion is that all of these symbols and super structures are no coincidence.  I believe that there is a super elite wanting to perpetrade a fraud against humanity.  But that is not what gets to me...what gets to me is that if you do a general search on the Illuminati, and Freemasons, you can literally find millions of resources talking about the subject. You name it, there are an infinite number of resources of YouTube videos, articles, Internet websites and blogs, photographs exposing this secret organization.
And most, if not all of these conspiracy theorists, portray a ''it's us, against them'' mentality.  They say that the Illuminati are devil worshippers who want to destroy the world and are an affront to God and Jesus Christ.  But I say to them, are they really upset and riled up about it?  They hate to see all of these devil symbols and messages, but are they really doing anything to combat these dark forces? (Other than going on the Internet and ''exposing'' this devil organization?)  It makes me happy to see the conviction of these researchers, but not once do they mention that in the end Jesus Christ is in full control.  Not once do they say, that THEY have turned their life around, accepted Jesus Christ, as their personal Lord and Savior, and they in turn are spreading the true Gospel of God--which is all liberating and fulfilling.  If they were doing that, the Illuminati would have no ground to stand on!
In truth I believe that these conspiracy theorists are being sincere.  They recognize that Jesus Christ and the Bible is the only way to God and that they are part of God's team--the "good people".  But they should be more bold in their preaching and mention that in the end Jesus Christ will not stand for it.  That Jesus Christ is the true victor.  Jesus says at them "come at me" and you'll see what I am really made of. Praise God, the Father of all humanity in which we all should surrender our hearts and spirit to.  Amen!!  Please receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior TODAY!  God bless.


Hassan said…
And Jesus Christ is his only begotten Son.

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