Why Good Friday?

"The Kiss of Judas" by Gustave Dore, Public Domain

Why do Christians celebrate Good Friday? And what are the implications of today? First of all, many people who do not believe in Christ or Christianity have a hard time accepting that God would willingly sacrifice his son to save the world. Jesus Christ was crucified under the charge of blasphemy because he equated himself on par with God. And unfortunately even today, it is the ultra religious zealots that are willing to kill anyone who in their view perform sacriligeous acts. So the world has not changed much since the day of Christ. As a matter of fact it is probably worse. Why so much violence by seemingly pious people? What drives their hate? Or who do they think they get their authority to threatened or kill people who oppose their views? Would God even care about an insignificant human trying to defend Him? Of course not. It does not make sense. Jesus Christ was crucified regardless of what you might have heard or learned. The Bible is the first hand account. Every other explantion which came later opposing this view came hundreds of years later. Which is more reliable? Hearsay or first hand accounts as potrayed in the New Testament? Open your eyes. Stop being blind. Christ is who is and God meant it to be that way. Have a blessed Good Friday!!!


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