Trayvon Martin: American Son

Anupam Kamal, Feb. 2010. Public Domain

It was terrible to hear about the death of Trayvon Martin. A young teenager shot dead for issues that are still been cleared. Nonetheless, there has been a massive uproar. Thousands have don hoodies to protest what they perceive to be a racist death. As terrible as his death has been it is just as alarming that people are very quick to jump into judgement. The media was the number one instigator. As soon as it was revealed that a white man had killed a black teenager who only had Skittles and ice tea, everyone was quick to judge. No one bothered to slow down a bit to assess the situation. As of this writing it is becoming clearer that Treyvon had a sketchy pass. He had been suspended a couple of times from school, his father was living with his girlfriend at the time of his death, and his Twitter account left much to be desired. Where were his parents? The fact that his father had a live in girlfriend says a lot. That is not normal for any youngster to be exposed to. If Treyvon was a rebel as his Twitter account claimed to--it is because his parents let him down a long time ago. A responsible parent would have known about his Twitter account and what it reveals. A responsible parent would have told him--"Remove that racist epitaph of a username you have right now before I go Medieval of you!" This will never justify the killing of a person by anyone. Regardless of motives or provocations. Jesus Christ is against killing people. But as this case goes to court and more things are revealed, what will happen if indeed Treyvon was acting as the bad boy he claimed to be? Dear Jesus, what is happening to our American sons?


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