Why Christianity is Above all Faiths

Public Domain, Sermon on the Mount, Henrik Olrik, 1890
Can somebody please tell me why the general public is so naive and gullible? Recently in Pakistan a moderate politician was assassinated because he had the courage to criticize antiquated laws in his country. The person I am talking about is Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. He was shot dead by his own security guard Malik Mumtaz Qadri because Taseer did not believe in the current blasphemy laws that condemn anyone for talking "bad" about Allah, the Koran or Muhammad.

Asia Bibi is currently in prison for not believing in Muhammad. She made a heartfelt declaration of her faith in Jesus Christ and right away she was beaten, and thrown in jail by radical Islamists. This entry is not meant to criticize anyone but to glorify God---I will expound why Christianity is so much different. I will expound why Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord of Lords. I will expound why Christianity is so much better. I will expound why if this earth is going to turn a blind eye to the real truth--everyone who does not believe in Him will be condemned.

When Jesus Christ was walking the earth in the flesh he was hurled all kinds of insults. He was spat at, beaten, kicked and stoned by the religious leaders of the day who also wanted to kill him for blasphemy---but to the glory of God, not once did Jesus Christ fought back against his attackers. Not once did he commanded the heavens to destroy all of his enemies--even though he had ALL the power in the universe to do so. And now let us fast forward to the year 2011 were a defenseless mother is going to be assassinated by extremists who claim they are doing God a favor. When is the entire world going to wake up?


Shea said…
You'll probably delete this, but here is anyway, you don't see Christians out trying to blow stuff up all the time like you do the followers of Islam the supposed religion of peace, actions speak louder than words
Hassan said…
Hi, Shea. Long time no hear from you. No I did not delete it. You make an excellent point.

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