Slaves to Sin

Public Domain, Washinton State Legislature

Today the Nation is celebrating the life of Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was a man of courage and a man of God. He was the figure that when he saw an injustice he spoke against it. He was a man that lived his to fulfill Jesus Christ’s commandment to “love your neighbor such as yourself”! American is a much better place because of his admirable work. His work allowed for us to live more free.

But today in 2011. We are still not free. Our slave mentality persists through our unrighteous acts. We smoke, we drink, we use drugs, we are sexually immoral, we spend all of our lives partying, lying, stealing and cheating. We hate our neighbor and wish we can be better than everyone else. We may be free physically. But all of humanity is still a slave to sin. We continue to be prisoners because we do not want to turn to God. We do not want to open our hearts to him and admit that we are sinners and that we cannot continue to live on without his redeeming grace. It does not matter if we are red, yellow, brown, black or white. Sin transcends race and national creed. The only man that can totally free us is Jesus Christ. We are free physically but the devil still has most of humanity in its grip. Turn to Jesus Christ. He is the Savior that will break all the chains that drag us into despair and fear. Only Christ through God his Father has the power to make us free forever.


I don't agree with most of this post, but I do feel that the MLK Day holiday has been perverted from its original meaning. My blog has a post about that very thing.
jeanette said…
Well said my brother
Hassan said…
Benjamin how can you say that sin is not the main problem of the world? Sin was the real reason for slavery, sin is the reason for racism and the exploitation of others at their expense. People are immoral and as a result there are many problems and suffering on this earth. We have to break the cycle and i feel Jesus is the only way.
Hassan said…
Thanks Jeanette.

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