Melania Trump: Reciting the Lord's Prayer

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

How beautiful it was to hear the Lord's Prayer recited by arguably the most powerful woman in the world.  How beautiful it was.  On Friday Saturday 18, Melania did just that.  I was very surprised and it was refreshing.  What the Trumps have been doing is refreshing.

Here are two people, practically secular in every way and they are going out on a limb to utter Jesus Christ.  To make public statements about about God when if fact God was not in anyone's lips for the past eight years.

Going back to Melania, the liberals are attacking her for her prayer.  They are so petty they even are critical of her accent.  But for me that is what made it so beautiful.  Her accent made that prayer even so much more beautiful.  I could sense that her voice was slightly cracking.  She sounded nervous to deliver such as a very powerful prayer.  But I sensed that God was becoming very pleased.  And then when she finally finished, he looked up with great determination and came out roaring!!

One Twitterite said to her, "We are not all Christians!"  And we know that @Jaime Primak, because if most people in America where Christians we would not have immorality running amok.

Another Christophobe who went by the handle @splattne wrote: “Melania prays (reads) the Our Father. Makes Jesus turn in his grave. Oh wait…”  

Not so "Spatter", you wait. Jesus Christ rose from the dead! He is not there, in the grave.


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