Chicago's Violent Reaction to Trump Rally

What a rowdy and misguided bunch!
The reaction Donald Trump experienced in Chicago did not surprised me.  I totally expected it. People are protesting Trump because they are reacting to their emotions, rather than their heads. When I woke up to go to work, I saw very early from the newscast how some protesters where already there at 6:30 am.  And I knew some of them!!

A city of Chicago protest has many dark forces working and influencing it.  I know because when I was younger I participated in many of them.  I worked protests to bring justice to animal abuse, immigrant rights, police brutality, and the environment.  For about five years I got involved in many of them here in Chicago.  I did so because I had a deep conviction for what was right and just.  I felt I was doing the right thing.  That is why I always supported protests, as long as they were non-violent.

However, God was opening my eyes to the reality of a protest.  While participating in a protest in Wicker Park in 1996 I saw how many dark forces come into play.  From Wicker Park we were supposed to walk south to the United Center.  It was a protest in support of immigrant rights. Many local politicians like Luis Gutierrez joined us.  But also, the city anarchists.  Unbeknownst to the protest organizers, the anarchists wanted to create a riot.  They wanted to instigate violence. Fortunately the organizers saw it before things got ugly and they changed routes.

In another 1997 protest, local groups organized a march to protest the beating of black teen Lenard Clark. Lenard rode his bike to Bridgeport which was a predominant Italian neighborhood.  Other young people beat him into a coma.  Of course people were very upset. I participated in a march that took place around the entire Comiskey Park neighborbood (now U.S. Cellular Field).  It reminded me a lot of the struggle of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here were people of all races joining hands walking peacefully until we got to the Italian neighborhood of Bridgeport. Some black protesters started pushing me very violently. I could not believe my eyes and ears. What was going on I asked?  I am supporting their cause and they are turning against me??  It stopped, but it felt very bizarre.  I was expecting this reaction from the Italians of the neighborhood which had their own counter protest, but not from black people who were marching with us.  It is apparent that in many protests other special interests are pulling the strings.

But also during many of these protests I felt pure incarnate evil.  As if the devil himself was looming in the air.  A protest has many dynamics. Even if a protest is meant to be peaceful there are many groups that infiltrate it.  I saw anarchists, communists and socialists in protests they themselves were not organizing but they wanted to join, just to get their own message across.  But they are also there to instigate violence. Many of these representatives get paid by the groups they represent.  (I don't know how or for how much.) If their violent antics, no matter how small, make the news, they consider it a very successful march. At his cancelled UIC rally, Trump said, "All of a sudden, a planned attack just came out of nowhere." And folks, that is how it really is.

It is very sad to see Chicago react the way it did against Trump.  I don't like one bit what he is saying about people that makes them angry.  But these protesters should put their efforts to better use.  Why don't they protest the rise in violence across the city?  And many politicians who are in power are doing so much more evil than what Trump is saying.  Donald Trump is not closing clinics and schools in Chicago.  Donald Trump is not deporting thousands of people and tearing families apart (at least not yet). I understand why people are upset, but don't silence someone else's voice. Furthermore, if you don't want him to be elected, just vote..and stop putting crooks into power.

Would I join such a protest?  No, I would not.  I learned early on that my efforts could be placed in other areas.  Areas that could be having a direct impact on the Kingdom of God.  The place that really matters.


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