Terrorists Kill Cartoonists

Islamic Terrorism Across the World from 2009 to 2013
Muslim terrorists have struck again.  This time they have killed 12 members of the weekly satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.  It is terrible news that these attacks have been carried out just for some cartoons that were done in poor taste.  Apparently Charlie Hebdo has done many offensive cartoons in the past.  Especially cartoons that have offended the Muslim world.  I had never heard of this publication until now.  When I Goggled it, I can see why people would be angry.  They are equal opportunity offenders since they have also made fun of Christians and Jews.

In one cartoon they have what is supposed to be God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I must confess that when I saw this cartoon it made me angry.  But instead of lashing out I said, "Oh God, please forgive them for doing this cartoon that is very offensive."  As offensive as this cartoon, depicting the Trinity is, I do not think it is anyone's right to kill people for that.  God does not need anyone to defend Him or fight for Him.  He will deal with these people in His own time.  We Christians know that there is no faith more tolerant than Christianity.  We pray for our enemies and we are taught to love everyone, even those that may offend our God, Lord and Jesus Christ.


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