Christians Are Not at War with Islam

It is hard to believe that Christians are not at war with Muslims.  But it is true.  Muslims may not want to believe it but who can blame them?  One of the firsts encounters with Islam were the Crusades.  Then in the 20th century, the West went on bombardment campaigns through the Muslim world.  It is hard to forget Desert Storm, Shock and Awe, and Palestinian raids by American supported Israel.  The violence has been heartbreaking.  First of all Jesus Christ would have never approved of these campaigns.  He laid out loud and clear teachings against violence.  Christ said that we should love our enemies and pray for them.  He told us to love others more than our selves.  Christ said that hating our brother was like killing him and we should not do that.

Muslims may believe that it was Christians who have attacked these lands because they believe that our leaders are professed Christians.  But they are not.  What our Muslim brothers need to understand is that saying you are Christian or being born into a Christian family does not make a person a Christian.  In addition, in the United States religion and government work cannot mix.  The U.S. Constitution has separation of church and state.  That means that one institution cannot control or have influence over the other.  It is against the law!  (In Islam, faith and government are inseparable.) The wars against Muslims have all been political, not religious.  All these wars have been motivated by power and greed.  

Additionally Christians believe that the powers of this world--democratic, dictatorial, communist, theocratic, are control by the Devil.  Christians believe that it is Satan who has dominion over all the governments of this planet.  He is the overlord. This separation must be made clear.  Evidence points out that the governments of the world are actually manipulated by such secret societies as the Illuminati, Masons, and the Global Elite. One particular commentator, Michael Snyder has stated, "Even if you don’t believe in “occult rituals” or “Illuminati symbolism”, it is important to remember that the elite do.  In fact, many of them are completely obsessed with this stuff. "  All these wars, death and violence against humanity is an homage to the occult.  Christians are not doing this.  In other words, no true Christian church will give war and violence its blessing.  We are ALL being manipulated by these dark forces that are running rampant across the world.  This problem is NOT unique to America.

When Jesus was tempted by Satan, the Devil showed Jesus Christ all of the kingdoms of the world, and he told Jesus, "I will give you all  of these if you bow down and worship me."  The next time troops move in to a Muslim land please remember that the true Christian church of God is not to blame.   Our true aim is to win over people with the love of Jesus Christ, so that all will repent and not be lost at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Won't you please come to Christ and accept him as your personal Lord and Savior?


i came across your blog and find it really interesting to read..
Hassan said…
Thank you so much Eden. God bless you in Christ.

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