God's Message to the Taliban

Weapons do not make one brave!
On Sunday, the Taliban boasted the killing of over 85 Christian worshipers in a suicide attack in the All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan.  It is no secret that the Taliban believe in a demonic ideology which is to kill innocent people in the name of their god.  What were these poor innocent Christians doing other than trying to worship our Christian God in peace?  It goes without saying that the Taliban are brazen cowards….but for them their boasting lasted very little.
In less than 48 hours God responded in kind.  He unleashed a massive earthquake which was a 7.7 scale. Because it occurred in remote areas, the death toll is not known.  Seismologist predict that the damages of this particular earthquake won’t be known until much later.  Unbelievers will say that this earthquake was a coincidence.  But I would like to believe otherwise.  Geologists say that the magnitude of such an earthquake happen every 800 years!  There are no coincidences with God. The Taliban killed God’s Christian children, and God shows them a few hours later that he was not pleased with their crime.

I knew something was up when a few hours before the earthquake struck I sensed  strange phenomenon. On Sunday, I felt a faint vibration, as if it was coming from the earth.  And then this morning before we knew the earthquake had struck, I saw what was millions of ants coming out of their ant hole.  “How bizarre,” I thought!

God’s message to the Taliban is clear…renounce your evil ways, repent, believe in Jesus Christ and STOP killing Christians.  If you don’t stop God will unleash a more terrible destruction upon you.


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