Death of a God

Kim Jong Il DEAD!
The Not So Supreme Former Leader of North Korea
Creative Commmons, www.Kremlin.ur

Just yesterday I was thinking of North Korea and its tragic history. Even more tragic is the way people are forced to live. Today I found out that the "Elvis of Asia" or Kim Jong Il died at 69. Only God truly knows how many thousands, if not millions of people have died under his dictatorial regime. If regular North Koreans suffered, Christians fared much worse. Thousands of people live in concentration camps, all because they refused to worship or be a part of the Cult of Personality. Kim's mug, as well as the mug of his father are plastered in every building in North Korea. As I thought about this "hermit country", my heart made a longing for its freedom. I prayed to God that one day the North Korean's would be free and join their southern brethren. More importantly I am hoping that once free, all of North Korea will convert to Christianity. How glorious it would be for that to happen. Kim's time was up and when God says it is up, no one can escape his will...not even world dictators or despots.


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MTNMAN said…
Did you know that Habitat For Humanity is now building homes in No. Korea-after making many requests over several years?. Behind it all is a group called "Jubilee Partners" in Comer, Georgia-they have also received over 3000 refugees, helped them with English and get settled, if rejected in USA, then Canada.
Hugo said…
I agree with 'Amazing Love'- A very good blog, and a refreshing change.

I also hope for a free North Korea, and an end to unfair dictatorships that rule through fear and greed and seem to care about no one.

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Many thanks, and keep up the good blogging:)
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